Monday, March 7, 2011


After a long period of time, I finally have something to post here!
It's taken me a long time to get my creative mojo back after being so sick for so long.
I've had plenty of ideas but not very good at executing them.  I've spent alot of time sitting at my art desk "thinking".  But one day I got going and have been working on this page in my Birds Of A Feather altered book.  The birds on branches are from a large sheet of Cavallini paper (my friend Debbie sent a bunch of the images to me - very cool stuff!).  The background is sheet music.  I tore some pieces, applied gel medium to the center of the pieces and pressed them onto the page.  When dry I tore off the edges that weren't glued down for the torn edge look achieved.  Then painted purple with watercolor crayons.  Next I put down the 3 stripes of tape (some green tape with birds on it).  I wish the tape wasn't shiny - maybe I'll finish with matte medium to see if that tones down the shiny.  Next I glued down the two bird images with gel medium.  Last I had some die cut birds I glued on with gel medium.  I just got a die cut machine before I got sick and have barely used it.  I don't have many dies but did just get an alphabet and used it for the letters for "Songbirds".  I used glue stick to apply them.  I figured I would make a huge mess using gel medium on something that small.  I'm  messiest enough as an artist as it is!
Thanks for taking a look.  I hope I'll have art to post more often going forward.  We'll see...


  1. Hey! Welcome back to blogland!! Great pages.....looks like you had fun with these. Hope your inspiration stays with you and you put more up here to see :)

  2. So good to see your art here! I hope you are feeling much better and energized to create more so we can see. Love your new blog header. Your recent art is hope for spring! xxoo

  3. Hey Kimber...
    It's awesome to see you creating again!!! I love the pages from your book...and your header is wonderful...hope for spring is there!

  4. Very Nice Kimber. When I get home I hope to get back into my bird book and finally post some of it's pages. I have several I could have posted, just didn't have time before leaving.
    Fun to see what you are doing...especially when it is from another mutual bird lover.