Friday, April 12, 2013

Salt and Watercolor

I love making backgrounds!

Sometimes I spend whole art days doing just that!

My latest play at that was using watercolors, lots of water, and salt for some really fun effects.

This is the paper I was using:

And here's some of my results:

These two I used rock salt.
The rest were just regular table salt.

So fun because you never know for sure what the end results will be.
Just be sure to get your watercolors really wet and saturated with color.  Apply to your paper anyway you want - designs, color patters, etc.Then generously sprinke with salt with spots or lines of heavier applications for varying designs.  
The hardest part is you HAVE TO LET IT DRY COMPLETELY before you can scrape the salt off.  I let mine sit to dry overnight.  I use an old credit card or bone folder to scrape.
And then you get the delightful surprise of seeing what you got!
Pretty cool, huh?

THANKS for taking a look!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Journaling Washi Tape and Zentangle Inspired Art

I had such a good time and liked the results of tangleing over the scraped on paint in my journal (see previous post) that I decided to do another page.
Sooooo - I chose a page with green acrylic paint wiped off on it and drew a few pears.

Then I tangled inside the pears.  I was going to tangle a border but thought it might be too heavy and distract from the pears.  Then I remembered my latest and one of my favorite washi tapes of pears.  Perfect!  So I used that and a couple other green washi tapes to make a border.
Here's the finished journal page:

You can learn all about Zentangle and the creative people that started this trend by checking out their website by clicking HERE.

Thanks for taking a look!
Hope you have a creative weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Journaling Zentangle Inspired Art

 that I've been using to use up leftover paint, or ink on stencils.  The cover looks like this:

And the pages I used to use up leftover paint and sprays look like this:

 SEI Tumble dye on a Crafters Workshop stencil.  You get the reversed image when using up the ink left on the stencil.
 Acrylic Paint.
Here's a tangle I started on a page with some acrylic paint wiped off on it.
This is the completed tangle.  Designs were inspired by patterns and gallery examples in the following Zentange Books.

Joy of Zentangle  - you can check it out on Amazon by clicking HERE.
This book has 101 patterns to learn and use.  Plus lot's of great Zentangle examples to inspire.


Zentangle Untangled - you can check it out by clicking HERE.
This book has about 12 Zentangle patterns but lot's of info and great examples to inspire.

You can learn all about Zentangle and the creative people that started this trend by checking out their website by clicking HERE.

It's alot of fun and very relaxing if you let yourself give it a try and truly enjoy.  You don't have to be creative - just need the desire to relax and let it stop all the thoughts flying around in your head!
Works for me!

Thanks for taking a look.