Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY Postcard Swap 2011

Here's examples of the postcards I made for ihanna's DIY Postcard Swap.  I made 10 postcards for the swap and they were all a variatiom of these 4 designs.  They were all sort of a spn-off from some pages I was doing in my bird themed altered book (I'll post those soon).
They all started with watercolor backgrounds.  I sprinkled then with salt while wet to make some fun designs.  Then found some of my fav bird stamps, stamped them on tissue paper with permanent black ink, then tore them out.  This is a trick I learned from a journal artist friend, Kerri .  Once you have the tissue paper image you can "glue" it to your background with gel medium.  I like to use matte medium.  This process makes for a lot sharper image when putting an image on cold press watercolor paper which has a rough texture.  I stamped or wrote the words on each card.  They went out in the mail on the 8th so are making their way to thier new homes!
Thanls for taking a look.
Have a fun and creative weekend!  


  1. Great postcards, Kimber! The recipients will LOVE going to their mailbox to find a postcard from you...I've been lucky enough to receive quite a few over the years! I'm thrilled to see you creating again...keep going, my friend!

  2. Your watercolor backgrounds are beautiful!

  3. Those backgrounds are awesome! Wonderful postcards!

  4. I received your FLY AWAY postcard. I looooove it. I love how you explained your process here. Too cool. Thank you!!!! Gilda

  5. Fun to see your cards, thanks for sharing.


  6. Kimber, they are great postcards, thanks for sharing and the idea with tissue paper is a great one. I adore tissue paper, in fact, my one and only online class was about how you can play with tissue paper!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hello Kimber: I am one of the happy recipients of
    one of your beautiful cards, it is inspiring.

  8. Hi Kimber, I'm delighted to be a very happy recipient of one of your postcards. You have inspired me to try this technique! Thank you sooo very much! ~Sam Johnson

  9. me too! me too! I just received the "Tweet Tweet" card; the bird looks like a raven-perfect for an Alaskan! Thank you Kimber!