Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GPP Street Team Crusade No. 52

Michelle Ward of Green Pepper Press host a Crusade every month called GPP Street Team Crusade.  You can read all about this month's Crusade HERE.
This month her challenge to us is to think about how the change of seasons affect our choices when creating.  Like we pull out our summer wardrobe, do we pull out or summer colors?
I love all colors and there are some I use all year long, but I also don't make a big change in wardrobe from season to season.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, we don't experience much extreme weather.  Winter requires a coat and summer (usually and hopefully) doesn't.
But even though I still find my art is influenced by summer.  I think the added hours of daylight have a big effect on me.
Green is about my fav color and I use it alot.  And when it's sunny outside I think I tend to reach for lime green often.
In the summertime the trees in my art are full of bright green leaves , in the fall the leaves in my art reflect the fall colors, and in winter the trees in my art are bare branches.
My art is heavily inspired by nature, and the seasons have a direct effect on what I see in nature.  I love to check out a few favorite trees each season and witness the beauty of each unique season
Looking through my current art journal I find some definite influences in different season.  For example, a page created this month, a summer or tropical theme, bright colors:

 A page from last October, a flower theme which could reflect summer but a dark background:
This was a thought provoking Crusade.  Was interesting to ponder how the seasons affect our creativity.
Thanks for the inspiration Michelle!


  1. Very cool! If I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I'd be dreaming of Hawaii too. Love those tropical colors :)

  2. The purple layout is too cool for words. Love the flowers, the Hawaiian flowers are just so wonderful. Makes me wish I could go, never have been.

  3. Your images make me want to visit Hawaii even though I'm not a fan of tropical heat. The cool blue and green hues, adjacent to oranges and yellows make your map and scenes inviting.