Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great mail from Inkwell-Coffee and Art in the Morning

I found an envelope of really fun mail in my mailbox yesterday...yay!  It was from Dede, known as Inkwell on Ustream.  She streams a couple times a week and has some giveaways and I won a great postcard that Kare had sent in for Dede to give away.  Here it is:
I love it!  Love the humor - cracks me up.  Thanks so much Kare and Dede!

Dede's Ustreams are alot of fun.  And she is an awesome artist and shares so much with us.  You can find her HERE on Ustream.  An especially fun stream she did not too long ago was Coffee and Concrete Art in the Morning where she made some decorated background papers in her driveway.  It was a blast to watch!
And lucky me - she sent a piece of that background paper along with the postcard.  Check this out:
Thanks so much Dede!  I love it!  See you on Ustream.  You are a sweetheart for all you do and all you give away!   And I LOVE your laughter!
Hope everyone has a creative day!

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  1. I <3 Happy Mail! Kare's postcard is so cute and agree about our Dede!