Friday, February 17, 2012

Birds and Butterflies

I've become obsessed with sewing on paper.  I have an old Singer my mom bought almost 50 years ago and it has a really nice zigzag stitch.  So I got out some scrapbook paper - mostly 7 Gypsies Conservatory 8x8 paper pad.  And I've been making little 4" x 6" collage postcards.  They are turning out great!  Here are some of them:
I just love the stitching on the cards.  It looks cool and adds really cool texture.  Just love it!
So, some of these I have mailed out, some I have kept for my bulletin board, some I'm sending to Dede to give away on her UStream shows (you can find her HERE, she streams early morn Wed and Thurs), and some of them are listed for sale on Etsy.  You can find my Etsy by clicking HERE.

Thanks for taking a look!

Have a creative weekend everyone! 


  1. Kimber I love them all! I was going to tell you my favorite one but I am not sure. There is something about the last one that I love I just cant pin point it. However I really like the second and third from the top. They are all just great! Hopefully I will win one at Dede's stream :) Hugs!

  2. I love them all. I am such a bird, butterfly person.

  3. these are AWEsome!! the effect of the stitching is great!