Monday, April 26, 2010

Another favorite art pal

In addition to my cat, Maui, being my art pal, my 10 year old niece Piper is also alot of fun to make art with.

So, lucky me! I've got two great art pals to keep me company when I'm making art at home!

One of my favorite things about doing art with Piper is her creativity, as a kid she doesn't overthink it! Helps me to do the same sometimes.

We make alot of things - ATCs, Books, altered books (she's working on one about trees), bottle cap magnets, stuff out of clay, and lately Zentangles (more on these in an upcoming post) and sewing.
Here's Piper with a coffee filter she hand colored with water based markers, watercolor paints and a spray bottle of water - she makes beautiful flowers that look like sweet peas with them and we've also used them as background papers. Also, here she is showing some of her ATCs.

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  1. Hey Kimber & Piper...
    I love the pics of you creating, Piper! Thanks for talking Aunt Kimber into starting a blog!!!
    Your friend in Ohio...