Friday, April 23, 2010

bird altered book numbers pages

I like playing around with the numbers I find printed on the page so have been using the numbers to decide what to do with some of the pages.
The "4" page are birds I made out of fabric scraps and adhered to muslin scraps I had hand painted. Then sewed to paper and glued that on the "4" page.
The "17" page is 17 of my favorite bird postage stamps I glued to the page with gel medium. I love stamps and love to use them in art.


  1. Hey Kimber...
    Welcome to's good to see you here. I'm loving your birds altered book & I'm looking forward to seeing more of it soon.

  2. Hi Kimber, I'm so glad to see this bird book. I have an old book of bird stories that I've considered the idea of altering. Now you've helped me get a vision for it.
    BTW, I'm following on your blog now. Would you follow on mine? That helps me to remember who to come back to and visit.
    Thanks, Coleen