Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My first ever Coptic Stitch Book!

I finished my book for Darcy's Postcard Challenge 2012.
It's the first time I've ever done a Coptic Stitch binding and I really like how it turned out.
The pages are alot thicker at the bottom because of the pockets I added to each page to hold the postcards so to accommodate for that I used pretty thick thread for the stitching of the binding.

The binding is one inch strips of tyvek that I painted a copper color with acrylics.
I got the idea and instructions for making this"Coptic Stitch binding for individual pages" book from watching Barb on UStream.  You can see the recording of how to make the book HERE.  Thanks to Barb for always being such an inspiration!
Below are some pictures of the completed book:
I have my postcard started.  I think for me, the hardest part will be figuring what to write on the back.  This creative writing is pretty far out of the norm for me, but always a good idea to get out of one's own normal, right?

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. wow looks amazing, well done you. Can't wait for Friday now. x

  2. Wow your book is amazing, the stitching is fntastic and I love the map detailed pockets, I need to start thinking about my book lol xxx

  3. Fabulous. Love the stitching...

  4. Your book is beautiful. A fab idea to use maps for the pockets. Will check out the link for some inspiration. (I need some) xx

  5. Love seeing how you used the stitched binding, pockets, and cover! Actually, Kimber, I love it all. Great job!!

  6. What an awesome book, Kimber! I love everything about it...especially the binding. I'm so looking forward to hearing how this story develops...and you'll come up with some wonderful writing for those've already developed your characters, so you may be surprised at how their correspondence just flows onto the paper.

  7. very impressive stitching Kimber, love your book its full of detailing on the covers, cant wait to follow your character's story through the postcards too :) Helen xx