Thursday, March 15, 2012


I took part in the greatest SS Swap hosted by Laurel.  You can read all about it on her blog - PaperandScissorsRock by clicking HERE.  You see the box it all came it along with the beautiful card above.  Just look at that box full of stuff!
I hardly know where to begin!  There were a bunch of packages wrapped up in bubble wrap, then in pretty tissue paper.  And adorned with "Timmy Tattered Ribbon Strips" with messages written on them.  So cool!
Even the card was wrapped up and had a message that said to open it first.

Then I found the beautiful postcard you see above.  Even the back is beautiful.  I love handmade postcards!

THEN I found this little owl!  Owls are one of my very favorite things!  This is a vintage toothpick holder made into a pin cushion!!!  How freakin' cool is that!!!  As if that wasn't enough THEN it is stuffed with handmade head or hat pins.  The most beautiful beads including some really nice leaf beads - leaves being another of my favorites.  I just LOVE this!  I'll cherish it forever!
Next I found this lovely book.  "The White Album". So elegant!  And it is stuffed with pages - atleast 50!  And they are all embosed!  Some have foldover flaps.  Kinda hard to photo white on white but check out the clocks on the second page shown here.  Love them!

Next I found this little stamp of my initial.  It's a stamp for sealing envelopes with wax.  But they also work great with embossing powders and colored hot glue.  And I really like the fleur de lis handle.  So pretty!

After all of that I'm just now getting to THE BOX!!!  Check out this beautiful box!!!

Can you see those little presents wrapped in tissue through the window  Here's a look in the top of the box.

Even the back of the box looks great!  I love this box.  It has a handle so I'm going to hang it in a place of honor in my art room!  Love the fleur de lis trim on it too.
And even the inside of the box is amazing.  Love this bird image.  Just look at that box!  So elegant...
  Next I found this mini book.  Another bird.  I love bird art!  It's an ATC book.
Check out the inside of the book.  It has a bunny and spring ATC and the 7 (yes SEVEN!) ATC backgrounds in the pockets of the accordion fold mini that I get to make ATCs with!

Above is the adorable ATC I got,  Check out that cute bunny charm up in the corner.  So cute!

Next was this altered mint container.  Such detailed adornment - hard to do it justice with a camera.  Especially in the Pacific Northwest/Oregon in March when we are having rainy, gray days. 
I'm a sucker for small containers so was thrilled to get this.  But - just wait 'til you see what was inside
This amazing necklace was inside!  First it's silver which is my fave,  Has the most beautiful dark blue beads, and a big key and the pendant is two sided and has a vintage postage stamp on each side.  This is soooooo cool!
(wonder how many times I'll say cool in this post - everything is cooler than the last!)
I have the necklace on with my beat up old painting sweatshirt!  Doesn't really do it justice - the necklace, not the sweatshirt!
Next is this envelope made from really cool vintage postage designed paper.  Love those brads on the closure!  The envelope was stuffed with really fun ephemera.  I've been making machine stitched collages and this stuff will be so perfect for more of that!
Here's the ALL the stuff that was end the envelope:
And there's still more!  Wow!  A beautiful little bottle!  And get this - my SS typed poetry words with her vintage typewriter, then must have cut into strips  and put them in the bottle.  When I open the bottle I can pull out words (like I'll ever get to the point I could quit treasuring this and use any of the words...).
And still MORE!  Look at these beautiful flowers made out of vintage lace and fabric.  My ss mentioned I could alter them with spray inks.  They are so cool!
And here's a closeup of part of that card from the first picture.  The flowers in the lower left corner have a really nice little bird charm in among the flowers - so cool!  I love that palm tree too.  So nice!
Getting this package definitely made my day!  Heck!  My week, my month.  I just can't express how wonderful it is.  I am so amazed at the talent and generosity of my SS!

Oh SS is the WONDERFUL DarcieGlam!!!

Thanks Darcie!  You rock!  Love ya!


  1. awesome! you got a lot of cool stuff! Darcie rocked it!

  2. Awww, great post Kimber! Thanks so much and I am soooo glad you liked everything! It was so much fun to make!! And thanks for posting the beautiful photos. Hugs, Darcie

  3. Wow Darcie really rocked this and it was amazing. Gorgeous photos.

  4. WOW! You're a lucky woman, Kimber! Darcie sure has you figured out. Have lots of fun with all your new treasures.