Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 Secrets - Art Journaling Workshops!

Have you heard about 21 Secrets that Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio has put together.  You can read all about it here.

It is 21 workshops from 21 dif artists!  Wow!  And you can work them at your own pace.  There'll be videos for each.
It's artists like :
Paula Phillips - The Journal Artista - she has a couple streams on UStream each week as well as a bunch of YouTube tutorials, and her blog JournalArtista here.  You can find lots of great art examples for her in all three places.  Her calss is going to be about windows and doors to the soul - should be great!
Leslie Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio who will be teaching about glazes, how to use them, how to make your own, etc.  Leslie is a journal artist, painter, master book maker - just a tower of knowledge in the art world!  She streams on UStream, does youTube tutorials, and has a blog Comfortable Shoes Studio here.
Samantha Kira - The Journal Girl will be teaching how to journal on canvas.  Samantha always has great new ideas and creates really fun pages!  You can find her on UStream and her blog, Journal Girl here.

So be sure to check it out here!  I'm sure you'll be excited for a chance to get so much information from so many wonderful artists!


  1. Kimber, Good luck!! I hope to see you over at the playground!

  2. Great offerings to share Kimber - thank you! Enjoy!