Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember September Mail Art Contributions

Here's the envelopes my mom, my niece, and I made to mail on September 11 (Saturday) as part of a mail art tribute to those heroes that saved lives and those that lost lives on 9.11.01.  That's three generations of Mail Art!  Pretty cool, huh?
You can read more about the Mail Art Tribute here.

Here's my mom's envelope.  I love that eagle she drew!  Wish I could draw as well as her.  Maybe someday...

Here's Piper's envelope.  She's 10 years old and just started 5th grade.  She is becoming quite an artist.  It is so fun to make art with her.  Today we were at her house but we spend alot of art time here and I have my paint studio all set up in the garage and we have a great time.

Here's my envelope.  My original plan was to do alot more to it.  But when I got to this point I liked it alot just as it was.  Taken me a long time to learn when to quit with an art project!

My very good friend Debbie is who originally told me about this mail art project.  I've done it off and on since (I think) 2003.  But I think she has done it every year since 2003.  You can see her contribution for this year's tribute on her blog here.

Thanks for taking a look.  Let's all take a moment to Remember September 11, 2001 today.


  1. Wonderful mail art for remembering the heroes of September 11. It's great to have 3 generations of mail art sent in for the project!

  2. Great idea and wonderful mail art as tributes! xxoo