Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember September Mail Art

I should have posted this atleast a couple weeks ago...but...I didn't so I'm posting it today just in case anyone has a chance to participate.
Here's a chance to honor those heroes from September 11, 2001 by contributing to a Mail Art Memorial.
All the info is HERE.
Sorry for the short notice.  My mom, my niece and I are going to decorate envelopes to send tomorrow after we pick my niece, Piper, up at the school bus today.
Here are a couple I sent in previous years:

Hope you have a chance to participate.  If not, save the website for next year!

I'll post my envelope for this year later, after I finish it.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog!

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  1. I just posted my envelope to my blog...I'll be checking back to see what you, Mom & Piper create this year.
    Always remember...