Sunday, September 19, 2010

21 Secrets - Art Journaling Workshops!

Have you heard about 21 Secrets that Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio has put together.  You can read all about it here.

It is 21 workshops from 21 dif artists!  Wow!  And you can work them at your own pace.  There'll be videos for each.
It's artists like :
Paula Phillips - The Journal Artista - she has a couple streams on UStream each week as well as a bunch of YouTube tutorials, and her blog JournalArtista here.  You can find lots of great art examples for her in all three places.  Her calss is going to be about windows and doors to the soul - should be great!
Leslie Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio who will be teaching about glazes, how to use them, how to make your own, etc.  Leslie is a journal artist, painter, master book maker - just a tower of knowledge in the art world!  She streams on UStream, does youTube tutorials, and has a blog Comfortable Shoes Studio here.
Samantha Kira - The Journal Girl will be teaching how to journal on canvas.  Samantha always has great new ideas and creates really fun pages!  You can find her on UStream and her blog, Journal Girl here.

So be sure to check it out here!  I'm sure you'll be excited for a chance to get so much information from so many wonderful artists!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bird Altered Book

Here's another couple number themed pages in my bird altered book.  Plus on the right side I made use of the printed words on the page.  Just had to add the word birds.  You might need to click on the pic to enlarge so you can see the other words.  I love it when I can incorporate the words on the page!  I also got a chance to use some of my fav blackbird rubber stamps.  As well as the blackbird postage stamps.  Years ago, prob atleast 10 now, I bought a lot of postage stamps on Ebay - I think it was 7 lbs - and about half of them were bird stamps from Ireland.  Yippee!  I love stamps with birds on them.  They are my fav!  I may never run out.  Unless I ever do get to a project idea I had to cover a wood chair with them.  Think for a minute how many stamps would equal 7 lbs - it is alot!  The rest of them were mostly Australian, again lot's of birds, including the ones I used to cover my Bird Altered Book.
I also did a quick page using one of the other things I like to collect (I'm a COLLECTOR not a HOARDER!).  A postcard.  This is a really nice vintage one so I put it in with photo corners so as not to damage it.  The backgrouns is scrapbook paper with an edge.  And I spread some white pigment ink on it before I wrote Baltimore Oriole on it and inked the edges.  And drew the line in the center with the same black sharpie I used for the words.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look!
Have a creative weekend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember September Mail Art Contributions

Here's the envelopes my mom, my niece, and I made to mail on September 11 (Saturday) as part of a mail art tribute to those heroes that saved lives and those that lost lives on 9.11.01.  That's three generations of Mail Art!  Pretty cool, huh?
You can read more about the Mail Art Tribute here.

Here's my mom's envelope.  I love that eagle she drew!  Wish I could draw as well as her.  Maybe someday...

Here's Piper's envelope.  She's 10 years old and just started 5th grade.  She is becoming quite an artist.  It is so fun to make art with her.  Today we were at her house but we spend alot of art time here and I have my paint studio all set up in the garage and we have a great time.

Here's my envelope.  My original plan was to do alot more to it.  But when I got to this point I liked it alot just as it was.  Taken me a long time to learn when to quit with an art project!

My very good friend Debbie is who originally told me about this mail art project.  I've done it off and on since (I think) 2003.  But I think she has done it every year since 2003.  You can see her contribution for this year's tribute on her blog here.

Thanks for taking a look.  Let's all take a moment to Remember September 11, 2001 today.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remember September Mail Art

I should have posted this atleast a couple weeks ago...but...I didn't so I'm posting it today just in case anyone has a chance to participate.
Here's a chance to honor those heroes from September 11, 2001 by contributing to a Mail Art Memorial.
All the info is HERE.
Sorry for the short notice.  My mom, my niece and I are going to decorate envelopes to send tomorrow after we pick my niece, Piper, up at the school bus today.
Here are a couple I sent in previous years:

Hope you have a chance to participate.  If not, save the website for next year!

I'll post my envelope for this year later, after I finish it.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stop Hate. Starting Here.

Here's some info about a very interesting art project you can participate in. 
It's called "The Butterfly Project" hosted by The Holocaust Museum Houston in Texas, USA.
Their mission is as follows:
The Holocaust Museum Houston is dedicated to educating people about the Holocaust, remembering the 6 million Jews and other innocent victims and honoring the survivors' legacy. Using the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides, we teach the dangers of hatred, prejudice and apathy.
And the tag line following it reads:

Stop Hate. Starting Here.

The project is about remembering the children that lost their lives in that terrible time in history.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio is putting her own spin on it for another unique way to participate.  Click here to find the info.

You can also find links on Trudis' blog to the info about the original project and the Holocaust Musuem Houston.

I hope you'll think about participating in Trudi's project!

By following and reading Seth Apters' blog The Altered Page is where I learned of this project.  You can see his blog here
Thanks Seth, for always being a great source of information!