Saturday, June 12, 2010

A great idea for altered books or any book!

My friend Debbie has just open her ArtFire Studio and is selling the wonderful book thongs that she makes.  She uses the most amazing beads and they are beautiful.
The perfect thing for marking your favorite page in an altered book or to use as your bookmark in any book you happen to be reading.  Also, would look great adorning a coffee table book you might happen to have sitting out!
I love the turquoise one shown here.  She gifted me with a beautiful one - I'll take a photo of it soon to share with you.
So, head on over and check out her artisan studio here .  You'll have to keep checking back.  Rumor has it she'll have more great stuff for sale soon including some destash from her stores of lots and lots of really cool stuff.  In fact, if you check out her blog here you'll see a chance to buy a mystery box of some of that cool stuff direct from Debbie.  I've got boxes of stuff from Debbie before...I can tell you from personal experience that she can fit an amazing amount of stuff in one of those flat rate boxes and you won't be disappointed by what she sends - it's all really good stuff!!!

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing with us. Beautiful beads!