Monday, June 14, 2010

Having a BLAST spilling acrylics!

I've been taking an online workshop from Carmen Torbus called Spill It!.
I've loved playing around with acrylics for awhile now but Carmen has taught me to take it to a whole new level and really helped me expand my creative use of them.  Now I get a whole range of colors out of each bottle and from using colors together.
Also, I tend to be a messy artist anyway so anything that tells me to Spill It! on purpose and get my fingers into it and messy...well, all I have to say is more power to it!
Here's my first completed collage above - this one is pretty much all paint with a few touches of some fav paper added at the end (then painted over again).  She's also taking us through some transfer techinique, more collage, using words and using inks.  I'll have more art to share with you soon.
I would highly recommend this workshop if you are looking for some fun backgrounds, great art and collage pieces, want new ideas and technique, want to see a great artist at work, and/or want to meet a very nice lady online!  


  1. Hi Kimber, I'm a fellow member of Carmen's class. I love your painting above, the colors are beautiful and there's so many interesting elements without it looking busy. Nice work!

    Averil :D

  2. I just love seeing this acrylic painting of yours! I wish I could touch it! Kudos to you!

  3. You managed to turn some regular acrylic paint into a work of art and one more time you delight us with a great piece.
    I always regret that I do not have the talent to paint...I would have wish to have your techniques and creativity then. Very nioe piece of work!!!