Sunday, June 6, 2010

Art through a kids eye

My 10 year niece, Piper, spends alot of time at my house doing art with me.  We recently set up an art desk in the garage and use that for all our painting (I'm out of room in the house, plus I like to make messes!).  We have easels, and paints, and brushes, etc.  We're all set.  Piper and I spent some time over a couple days playing out there over Memorial Day weekend.  Piper is working on an altered book.  Here's a torn paper collage she made of trees.  I love it!  And especially how she used her fingers to paint the word trees.  We went to the thrift store to look for a book to alter.  She found a really cool little cookbook that had a border around each page.  I really like how she left the background painted so a little bit of that shows through.  You can see a little more about Piper and her art in this previous post.  Thanks for taking a look.  Feel free to leave a comment, I'll be sure to share them with Piper.  I'm meeting her school bus when she comes home tomorrow and will show her this post then.  Of course, I'll see her later in the week too.  She did give me permission to post a photo of her great art.  :)   


  1. Kimber...Thanks for sharing Piper's art journal pages with us! Piper has a real good artistic eye...and it's great that you & Piper enjoy doing art together.

    Great job, Piper! I can't wait to see more of your journal.
    Your friend Debbie in OH

  2. Piper takes after her aunt! Love her art journal pages! I think it's great the two of you can create together!