Thursday, June 24, 2010

Owl Collage

Here's a collage I did as part of the Spill It online worshop I took from Carmen Torbus.  You can read more about the workshop in this previous post,  I am soooo LOVING this workshop and all I'm learning about acrylics!!!
For this piece of art the lesson was transfers.  I learned alot in this lesson - mostly to learn from my mistake and move on.  My orig transfer was too similar a color and didn't really show up.
So, as you see in the completed collage (first photo) I painted over it in black. 
I then used some of my very favorite owl postage stamps that I had been hoarding, because I love owls, to complete the collage.  I've been wanting to do something cool with those owl stamps for a long, long time so I'm glad I finally came up with something! 
I've finally decided it is alot more fun to have something I made with a fav supply I have than hanging on to the supply!  What am I saving them for?!? 
I am an art supply junkie!  There, now I've admitted it!
Anyway, hope you enjoy the collage.  It's pretty cool, huh?  


  1. Wow Kim, I just love your collage! What a great use of hoarded stamps!

  2. Kim, I just love your collage! Sounds like a great class and you're enjoying it!

  3. This is really wonderful. The owl stamps are the perfect addition.