Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local color

Today I'm sharing some art that nature helped me out with.  Some photography.  I was into photography long before paper arts and journaling took over my life.  I'd say it was my first artistic love but really it is nature that inspires it all.  So here's some of natures' best from around the Willamette Valley in Oregon.
These hydrangeas were all growing in front of a medical plaza.  A dozen bushes or more.  They were so beautiful!  I started out to get a few shots of the blue ones for a page in my color inspiration altered book but there were so many and so many color variations I just kept taking photos.  I have lots more but I won't go on and on and on anymore than I have with hydrangeas today!
Next we have Oregon Grape - the Oregon state flower.  They have yellow flowers in the spring but I missed those...maybe next year!  The first is in early June when the grapes are still green.  The next two are later in June when the grapes are turning purple.  Lovely bushes with the shiny green leaves! 
Last photo to share today - this varigated holly from a bush here in my yard.  I love the dark green of holly and the light edges add a nice contrast.
Hope you enjoyed the tribute to some of the wonders of nature.
Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Such gorgeous photos! I loved viewing them - thank you!

  2. I just love hydrangea. I have 8 bushes in my yard, but with our heat wave they need a lot of watering. Such variety you shot. Beautiful.