Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here's a journal page I finished recently using Zentangles and some other stuff.  Zentangles or Zendoodles are really good for me to do sometimes when I'm thinking too much.  I tend to do that alot and once I start doodling on the page I can get pretty absorbed in it and quit all that thinking and free up my brain to move on the other stuff.  So this page reminds me of one aspect of that and stopping the thinking helps me to be creative so I can always look back at this page when I need to find inspiration.  I like to do the Zentangles in my journal too because my journal is my place to play and experiment and it doesn't have to be perfect.
The bees and the "creativity" is from a big sheet of paper I have.  I use Micron pens for my Zentangles, I have a .03, .05, .08 - various widths.
Thanks for taking a look at my blog!


  1. great page! and love those bees.

  2. Nice- what a great idea to clear the mind. I love it.

  3. I have been doing this myself... I jump from mandalas to "zendalas" to zentangles and they are so meditative for me.. calming, centering... and I observe what comes up.. some interesting insights :-)