Thursday, July 15, 2010

Repost of a favorite buried treasure

Seth at The Altered Page is hosting a collaborative project giving readers of his blog a chance to choose their favorite past blog post on their own blog.  His project is to list all those with a link on his blog under Buried Treasure.  This isn't his first collaborative project and in addition to his wonderful art you can find a whole lot of interesting information by checking them out on his blog.

I wanted to participate and since I'm sort of new to blogging it wasn't too hard to go back through and find my favorite post.  It's about INSPIRATION.  I do like the journal page alot, but the subject is why I chose this one.  I'm always interested in sources for inspiration.  And I always hope I'm being observant enough to see or hear inspiration around me. I think, as artists and art enthusiasts we tend to be a pretty observant bunch of people for the most part.  Do you agree?  Surprises me some of the things that inspire me sometimes.

So, here's the post again - I hope you all enjoy it!
(it was originally posted here)

Lot's of different things inspire my art - nature is a big inspiration, colors also spark many ideas. Something I like to use for inspiration is song lyrics.
I just completed a journal page inspired by the Shinedown song - The Crow & The Butterfly. (lyrics can be found here)

The background is acrylics. I turned the journal on it's side and put the colors of Golden Fluid Acrylics along the binding and sprayed it with water and let them run down. Once dry I wrote the lyrics with a white pen. The crow I drew and cut out of black paper and glued on. The butterfly is a rubber stamp (that I recently got out of the $1 bin at Michaels-pretty nice, huh?). The title I printed on ledger paper and cut out (ledger paper is sort of a unifying theme in this journal. It's along the bound edge of all pages and used somewhere in most of the pages). The dandelion at the top I painted over the top with golden acrylics. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I love the bright colors in the background, and the white writing, and the bird, and well, I guess I like it all! I enjoy the song too...I'm sure you can find it on YouTube if you want to give a listen.

Here's some tags I created in the past using song lyrics for inspiration:

Think about some of your favorite songs or lyrics, look up the lyrics online if you aren't sure of what all they say. What does it make you think about? How can you use that as inpiration for an art project?
It's alot of fun to think about!
What else inspires you? I'm always interested to hear about inspiration...


  1. A song lyric lover/user AND an art journaler... how come we never met? Oh well, I found your blog now (thanks to Seth) and I'll be back!!! LOVE your work!!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how words and images can be be put together just like music and lyrics can be. I never thought of combinin the two.

  3. I'm in love with the way you made your background. It is the stunning beginning that sets the entire journal page in motion. Your art is stunning, and I love how you incorporate music in your art. Thanks for sharing this buried treasure.

  4. The marriage of lyrics of a song and images is always a beautiful thing! Yours is no exception. Great post! I also love your nature journal page below! Beautiful!

  5. gorgeous background, and i love crows anytime.

    the tags are great too. love the combo with lyrics.

  6. THe thought of a repost on inspiration is certainly a post I am grateful for. so many things can trigger our inspirations, but i beleive it is the very special connection be have in energy between things and how we integrate them into our mind and body- that actually go through what seems like a silent process that turns into the mightiest of symphanies!! What a great thought provoking post for me to think about! Many thanks!!