Sunday, August 29, 2010

More bird altered book pages - finally!

Finally, I have some more pages in my bird altered book to post.  The finally being due to the fact that my studio area was such a huge mess I couldn't find the book for months!  If that isn't a sign it's time to clean up, I don't know what is!  As it turns out I ended up swapping a storage area in my computer room with the area I was using for my art studio.  Do you know how much work it is to move from one really full space to another really full space - whew!  That's why we usually move to new homes instead of just moving around in the one we have!  Ha!  
Anyway, now I have more room as well as having my art table under a big window for lots of natural light, and having it in the same room as my computer.  And, BEST of all, I found my precious bird altered book.  I really love working in this book and have all kinds of ideas and bird stuff I want to use.
Above are acrylic backgrounds, using a couple dif colors of paint.  I then wrote "bird" on the page with a black fine point sharpie.  On the left page I covered the background with netting.  Then used brads to adhere the two small squares I had painted birds on (cards like these are available in my ArtFire shop here).  The background and the birds are all acrylic craft paints, the outlines and feet are black fine point sharpie.
The page above I made using decorative papers and rubber stamps.  Also some nailheads glued on the page.
And the last page I have to share today is a black matte acrylic background stamped on with white pigment ink.  The word CRANE was stamped on white paper and then glued to the page.  I decorated the two corners with large leaf sequins adhered with brads.
Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Love your bird pages; colorful and creative!

  2. very nice. those bottom two are so elegant too. i've never seen white pigment ink. but i love using black so i must look into it.

  3. Nice progress in the bird book. Now that summer is over I can work again. You do lovely work and it is always an encouragement for me to visit your blog.