Thursday, August 12, 2010

Molokai - swimming the good life!

Thought I'd update you on my betta, Molokai, after originally posting about him in May when he first came to live with us.  You can see the original post here.
He's doing great, seems happy.  I've never had a fish before (except maybe a brief experience in early teens with a goldfish - i sort of remember marking a grave with sticks in the woods next to our house in Montana) so not sure how to tell if he's happy?  He seems to swim around alot, interact a little, and love to make threatening faces and body motions at the handsome betta that visits him in the mirror.
As you can see, I even decorate his aquarium with the art background papers I love to make.  You can see my original posts about the deli paper backgrounds and links to Marilyn Rocks' great video tutorials here and here
My cat, Maui, seems to enjoy having Molokai around to watch.
Or is she thinking about dinner?  Hmmmm...


  1. Hey Kim,
    I know those fish as Siamese Fighting Fish, my Dad used to keep fish!! You can only have one male in a tank cos they fight! He looks pretty happy, but as you say, how do you tell?

  2. Gorgeous fish! He looks so happy with your beautiful background paper :) Thanks for the video reference, too. I still am enjoying creating with the deli paper, too! Have a terrific weekend! xxoo

  3. Lovely fish! And lovely background paper!

    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog post. I really appreciated them. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing with deli wrap until I read your posts on it. Maybe I'll follow your advice and get out my box of deli wrap and some paints and just play!

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for your feedback on my blog!

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  7. Oh I love that photo of the cat and the fish!