Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Background papers

As I stated in my profile, I sometimes enjoy the process of making art as much or more than the actual art I create. Lately I've been making background papers and really having fun! I've been using drywax deli paper (holds together when wet and paint doesn't soak through) and was inspired by Marilyn's post on her blog with video . Thanks for the inspiration Marilyn!

The one to the left shows 3 papers, one made by dragging a toothed tool I made by cutting notches in an old credit card and dragging it through we paint. The bright green is over a turquoise color and various techniques then used to scrape some of the bright green off so underneath color shows through. Blue with white is layers of colors for the background then splotches of paints on a foam roller to make the splotches. I used craft acrylic paints for all of these.

These next two were made by putting down a layer of color and letting it dry completely.
Then applied another color over the top. While top layer was wet I applied a dry clean stamp to it and picked up the top layer of color leaving the image in the underneath layer of color. I love how these turned out!

I have a few more to share but blogger and I are not cooperating with one another with downloading photos tonight so I'll share them another time soon. (sometimes I'm just a low tech gal in a high tech world - lol!)

Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog!

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  1. Kimber! WOW! I ADORE what you've done with the deli papers! Thanks so much for the reference. I love sharing and glad you found the deli paper background fun and you really took off with it. I love the texture you achieved. Your Blog and art - fantastic and I will be back to visit often. Great job here! Have a joyful day! xxoo Marilyn