Sunday, May 23, 2010

Color inspiration

I love color - all colors - some alot more than others. Green is my fav color. But I really do love anything that is colorful. I am especially intrigued by the names of colors and love to read them whenever I get the chance. I think it's fun to check out the names of colors of paint samples while at the home improvement store. Paint companies get pretty creative when they name colors!

A couple years ago...yes it's been years...I made a color themed book for a swap and had to send it off to my swap partner. I've had the idea to do my own color journal or altered book ever since and have even saved some images here and there for potential color pages. Well I finally started on my color themed altered book yesterday! I'll share a post with you of the page I did as soon as it's completed.
In the meantime, here's the mini book I originally made that has had me thinking about color themed art all these years.

The front cover and the back cover are images I cut out of catalogs. The rest of the images are photographs I took.
Oh, and feel free to share any names of colors you can think of that might interest me!


  1. Your color book is amazing! I love your color preferences. I think my favorite color is blue - and any version of it particularly cobalt blue and darker turquoise.

  2. Love this idea, Kim! My favorite color is green - the shade varies but most often it's an apple or spring green. Can't wait to see pictures!