Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More backgrounds

As promised in last night's post, here's some more backgrounds I made using dry wax deli paper.

This one on the left, I applied back ground colors using sponges. Then applied some white paint drops and scribbles direct from the bottle and drug a toothed tool through them. I found an old plastic sheets of stencils that had the fish on it. 1st I tried the fish with dark blue acrylic and a sponge but had too much paint so it made a mess, esp. of the middle one. Wasn't sure what to do but later while driving the Redbox to take dvds back I thought of going over them again with white pigment ink so they would have a blue outline to make up for the mess. I really like how it turned out!

For these 3 purple designs I was playing around with dots. For the largest dots I used a big round sponge. The 2nd size I cut a circle out of a big thick sponge like you buy for washing your car. In both cases I painted a dark purple back ground, let that dry. Then put some of the same purple out on a styro foam tray and added a little white and mixed well and stamped the first color. Then added some more white and stamped the 2nd color of dot. The one with silver is a silver background. Then I layed sequin waste (also called punchinella) over it and brushed on purple paint.
FYI - I get my sequin waste from one of my fav online shops SkyBluePink.
This sheet I put down a dark blue solid back ground. Then played around with a couple dif colors and a foam roller like you get in the paint section at any hardware or home improvement store. The splotchhes of color are where I dipped the edge of the roller in paint and
just got a spot and rolled it on the paper. I esp like how the white triangles look...prob couldn't get a that exact effect again if I tried!
Thanks for taking a look! Hope these inspire you to try some creative ideas! I think I'll go play with ideas for a journal page using the background sheet with the fish on it.

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  1. Fabulous background papers, Kimber...keep on sharing your art adventures...LOVE IT!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!