Friday, May 28, 2010

House of Blues

Here's a collage I made for Red Lead Paperworks Fly Away Home Altered House Swap.  All of the materials used (except the acrylic paint, punchinella stencil for dots, paper punch and glue were from Red Lead, one of my fav places to find COOL art supplies!).  I took one of their chipboard houses and painted it with navy blue craft acrylic paint.  I then painted the bottom half, back, and edges with silver craft acrylic paint., also painted the chipboard bird with the silver paint..  I then stamped the house using a rubber stamp Story Set on the blue chipboard house using the silver acrylic craft paint.  Also stamped it on gray paper using the navy blue acrylic craft paint.  While that was drying I used punchinella as a stencil and brushed the navy blue paint over the bottom half of the house I had painted silver.  I also stamped the bird on the left side of the house using the silver paint.  I had also painted some of the gray paper with the navy blue paint and accented it with silver and used a 1" circle paper punch to punch out the circle I glued the silver bird charm to and glued it on the chipboard house.  I cut out the house I had stamped on gray paper and used the circle punch again to punch a bird image out of a RedLead collage sheet .  And I punched the circles with music out of another RedLead collage sheet.  I then put it all together as shown, and glued the chipboard bird on.  I created the text in MS Word, printed it on blue paper, cut it out and glued it on the bird.
I mailed them off to the great gals at Red Lead and can't wait to see what I get back.
We each made two bird house, one to trade and one to be one display at the store.  Both of mine were the same, just different bird images from that same collage sheet.
I had alot of fun creating it and hope you enjoyed taking a look!
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! 


  1. I really like this! Thanks so much for sharing. I seem to have a thing for birds lately. :)
    Much LOVE

  2. Hi Kimber:

    Received this beautiful bird house in the Red Lead swap. What fun to see it here on your blog and find out how you made it! Lots of detail... I love it. Thanks.

    Diane Trew - Red Lead Swapsister

  3. Very nice Kimber, I like the blue theme. And within the bird house is a cute idea. I've done some birdhouses, but never thought of putting one in my bird book, Hmmm!