Saturday, May 15, 2010

Newest member of the family

My birthday was earlier this month. My brother and family gave me a little aquarium and all the stuff to go with it. Thursday after school I picked up my 10 year old niece, Piper, and we went shopping for a betta.
We found the one pictured below and decided he needed to come home with us - and get out of that 1/2 cup of water and TINY container he was in!
He seems very happy in his new home with ALL that space and water, rocks and live plants.
His name is Molokai.
I have a cat named Maui.
See the theme? Thinking I may need to get a dog and call it "Hawaii, The Big Island". Will have to be a big dog, of course, with that name. I don't know about Oahu and Kauia yet. And what about the Atolls and all the little islands like Lanai, etc.
I think I'll stop at two islands for now.
Anyway - I can imagine Molokai inspiring some colorful art!


  1. Molokai is gorgeous...I can see how he could be inspiration for lots of artwork. Welcome to the family, Molokai! And just watch Molokai...ok??? No fishing in the aquarium!!!

  2. Wow! He's beautiful. When our kids were young we had an aquarium. We flushed a lot of dead ones learning how to do it, but it was fun.

  3. He's beautiful. The wonder of creation.