Friday, August 6, 2010

Round and Round

Do you ever just feel the need to finish something? 
 I don't often (just ask my friend Debbie how I am at swap deadlines...). 
In my journal lot's of pages  are works in progress and I like it that way.  I work on a journal page for awhile, then go on to another.  Or sometimes I just work on backgrounds for awhile and another time get inspiration for what to do with that background. 
Today I felt like finishing something. 
This journal page has been in the works for a long time.  First I did a layer of gesso, then background with aquas and greens of craft paint I smooshed around with a wet baby wipe.  Loved the color so let that sit for awhile.  Then, while working on some trees I had made out of dictionary and book pages I had painted green I got the idea for the large circles and painted the borders and cut them out of the leftovers of the painted text - all inspired by my fav art how to book. It's by LK Ludwig.  I added the bright green dots at the bottom with sequin waste and acrylic paint. And the maroon dots with acrylic paint and the stick end of a paint brush. Then the page sat for a long time. Just the other day I bought a few colored pens (Bic Mark-It, they were open stock at Staples for 69 cents each if you bought 10, so I got 5 and my mom got 5) and drew circles around the maroon dots.
 Today I decided to finish the page and dedicate to the thoughts that were going 'round and 'round in my head last night when I couldn't get to sleep.  I punched circles out of dark green cardstock, then stamped letters on lt green paper and punched them with a smaller circle punch.  Glued them all together with my ever essential and trusty glue stick and adhered to the page.
I really like the way all the layers come together to make the page.  More layers than usual for me.  Maybe not as many layers as my friend, Paula - Journal Artista.  She is the layer goddess!  Does really beautiful pages.  You should check out some of her vids on YouTube .  She shares alot of great journaling.  Has some great tutorials for beginners too.  Also does some live journaling on UStream - you will meet a great group of artists there.  You can find info about her UStream from her YouTube. 
Very inspiring!
Hope everyone has a great summer weekend! 
Stay cool and creative!


  1. love the circles. ooh, sequin waste, interesting.

    i'm not one to finish things much... but whn it comes to journalling, it'svery intuitive for me. so i normally finish it. usually within an hour.

  2. Love the layers with this! Terrific!

  3. thanks for visiting my green "text message". I really like the greens you did on this page. And clever idea of putting the letters in circles. Reminds me of old typewriter keys. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who doesn't always "finish" a page.