Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New favorite art tool - Inktense Pencils

I love using colored pencils and watercolor pencils and thanks to my friend Paula (JournalArtista on YouTube and UStream) I've found a great new pencil I am having alot of fun with.  They are Derwent Inktense Pencils 

They are water soluble and really brilliant colors.  Here's some examples of what I've done with them:

Here's a rather abstract still life journal page, I'm still working on it but wanted to share the intensity of the colors of the intense pencils with you.  If working on a porous paper like watercolor paper I would suggest a coat of gesso first to keep the colors from soaking into the paper.

Here's an example of the intensity of the colors once water is added.  These are a stamped image on a linen texture cardstock. The top image is with water brushed on, the bottom is of the pencils before the water,  You can see how they pop!

Here's another example of before and after the water is added.

If you get a chance, give them a try.  They are alot of fun and really great colors!


  1. I love these pencils too.....try them on glossy card, I find the colours really great on that surface.

  2. oh very nice :D I'm really enjoying the pencils too, they're just so nice and bright! Thanks for sharing!