Friday, October 29, 2010 - Art, Heart & Healing

I've been taking part in the FREE class Tam is offering at called Art, Heart & Healing.
Tam is a wonderful person, I just love her! She is so easy to learn from! And a true joy to watch!

Years ago, someone told me I couldn't draw. I think I can pretty much trace it back to a really traumatic experience with a substitue art teacher in 8th grade. Fortunately for me, Tam came along and didn't bother to tell me if I could draw or not. She just showed me how! I have never (or probably not since that 8th grade art class) seriously tried to draw a portrait. But I have to say for a first effort I am really happy with this portrait drawing! I used what watercolor crayons and pencils I had on hand, and not being into drawing people didn't have alot of "skin tones" so I'm not real thrilled with the coloring. Except I do love the hair color! (used my current fav Inktense Pencils for the hair) And I am thrilled with how the overall journal spread turned out. I love Tam's technique for painting and background.

Here's a closer look at the face:  (click on either picture to see a larger image)

Like I mentioned the class is FREE. So head on over HERE and check it out! She might just help you learn something about yourself and in addition to creating some great art you might create a happier you! That, of course, is up to YOU! Enjoy!


  1. Kimber - your journal page is FABULOUS! Are you eyes that colour of green? Isn't it amazing how simple Tam made the process!
    I was also told in Grade 7 that I couldn't I am feeling blessed with Tam's class!!!
    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Well; I can see you can draw! I wish your teacher could see this! Fabulous! You could draw all along; it just took the right person to guide you. Kudos!

  3. Nice work Kimber, I did this class too. I liked how mine turned out too. She is good at taking it step-by-step. Just stopped by to see how you were doing. We are in the states now for missionary furlough until spring so I'm just doing an art journal on the road and zentangles when we are stopped.